About Us

Our mission is to build a stronge community through small act of kindness by the youths of our community and promote positive, healthy environment.

Small Acts of Kindness
ReimagineYouth performs and encourages others to perform small Acts of Kindness . Some of these kindness included performances by our little stars or youths in local senior care centers, conducting yoga workshops for healthy mind or creating or mentoring youths by tutoring or planting trees.If you perform any such act inspired by us, please send us a photo and a short blurb so that we can share about your service on our site.

Spreading Awareness about volunteering

ReimagineYouth come up with ideas to spread the awareness about the benefits of volunteering. We bring smiles through art or any other small act of kindness .We are also available to come out and host a performance by little stars at your event if you live in the DC Metro area.

Raising Leaders

Our teen members plan and run our events and in doing so develop strong leadership skills. Reimagineyouth also provides encouragement and help for children of all ages that want to lead a project of their own. If you have an idea for a new project that you’d like to lead in your area please contact us by email or phone. We would love to work with you and feature your project on our website.

Our Leaders

Board Of Directors

Abhinav Reddicheria
Anshu Patra
Ishaan Samantray
Mahi Kunvar
Maria Gonzales
Shalini Hancock
Shivani Hancock
Simoni Mishra
Varadraj Chavan
Vishal Mishra