Art for Society

At ReimagineYouth we undestand and believe in the philosophy of natural value of art. Though Art doesn’t provide front line health service but we strongly believe art can be used to maintain a healthy life and mind by practicing it regularly. It reduces isolation and helps to bring communities together. Even many advanced Research suggests that structured music activities helps in getting better performance in math and language. At Reimaineyouth we use Art in variety of ways to bring impact to the society.

Support for Senior Care

Seniors Matters. Aging is a part of life, but that does not mean people must experience physical and cognitive decline as a result. There are many ways to fight such a decline, and one of the most delightful is dancing! Dancing benefits the elderly in many ways both physically and mentally. Current research unearthed a host of advantages for Seniors with conditions like Parkinson’s disease, dementia, cancer, arthritis using dance as a therapy.

we put together theme programs, historical and contemporary, and work frequently with special audiences — kids, seniors, etc. we perform in a variety of groups, and coordinate performances by many of our musical group members.


we provide a fun and supportive learning environment for younger dancers in the absence of teacher keeping the students on task and focused. Our team members have choreographed and performed for many community programs.

Mental Health

At ReimagineYouth we believe in ht healing power of art and is a good medicine for many diseases especially for progressive neurological diseases.Recent research suggests that to stave off cognitive decline, doing creative activities may be more effective than merely appreciating creative works. Dance/Music has positive impact on our physical well being – it helps improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety.

we use the talents of our members and conduct show in senior care special children’s facilities.

Support for Parkinson

We support the Parkinson community through Art.