Save Nature

Wildlife cannot survive without the preservation and protection of habitat. Your support will help ensure the survival of many  future generations.

Recycle – Recycling plastic bottles and aluminum cans is a good way to conserve our natural resources and can help raise money towards protecting wildlife and helping climate change.
Build Bird Nest Boxes and Have a Sale – Make your own native bird nest boxes from local wildlife nature center directions and sell them to raise funds for habitat protection for migratory species that need habitat locally here in the United States and throughout their trip to Latin American to tropical forests during our winter. Birds need to feed on insects all the way down during their migratory trip. Homestead School and elementary school in New York state raised $5,000 selling Bluebird Nest Boxes!

Plant a native plant pollinator garden or wildlife garden in your backyard, neighborhood or schoolyard. Have fun observing all the neat insects and other wildlife that visit the flowers that you planted.

Adopt a Meter

Plant a Garden

Sign a Bill

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